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“E-Guide for Cabin Crew Wannabes" (updated 19 May 2019)

To pay click paypal.me/luketanss and follow the instructions.

My E-Guide which consists of 51 pages (PDF file) now cost only S$45  instead of S$60. It is the latest version. I have also incorporated the 100 Questions with Answers plus another five Q and A  for the SIA first round of the cabin crew interview. In addition, it also contain information on the newly introduced " Online Video Interview and the Online Interview"

Please note there will be no refund once the E-Guide is emailed to you.

Private coaching for SIA cabin crew wannabes by Luke

Private coaching (1 on 1) for cabin crew wannabe is available only
in August this year (2019).
The fee is S$400 for a 3 hour session.
Venue : Any public place of your choice eg: cafe/restaurant
If interested please make payment at PayPal.me/luketanss

Cabin crew Talks, seminars and coaching

I will not be conducting the above w.e.f 27 Feb 2019. However, they may be resumed in August and September 2019. The E-Guide for cabin crew wannabes is still on sale.

She made it!

After failing once at the SIA cabin crew interview she sought my assistance. I coached her and this time she is successful.

After a few attempts he succeeded

He was unsuccessful many times until he attended my seminar. Failed again twice but finally he passed the SIA cabin crew interview.

First to succeed the 2018 cabin crew interview

My first successful student for 2018. He passed all 5 rounds in just one day. Hopefully he will do well at his medical.

Passed all rounds at SQ interview

A lady offered me up to S$1,000 for a 2 hour coaching recently. I accepted and she passed all the SIA cabin crew 5 rounds of interview in Singapore at the first attempt. Her emails to me are reproduced below.

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