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“E-Guide for Cabin Crew Wannabes" (updated June 2018 and includes information on the Online and Online Video Interview)

Cabin crew/flight attendant wannabes who, for some reasons are unable to attend my Talks, will find this Program or E-Guide very useful.In the Program/E-Guide , I will show you the correct techniques on how to pass the cabin crew/flight attendant interview with Singapore Airlines (SIA). It is also useful for those trying for other airlines. Many of those wannabes who have attended my Talks or bought the Program are now with SIA as well as Emirates,Cathay, SilkAir,Tiger Airways etc.The Program/E-Guide consists of 45 pages (PDF file) now cost only S$45  instead of S$60. It is the latest version being updated in June 2018. I have also incorporated the 100 Questions with Answers plus another five Q and A  for the SIA first round of the cabin crew interview. In addition, it also contain information on the newly introduced " Online Video Interview and the Online Interview"

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Please note there will be no refund once the Program/E-Guide is emailed to you.