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Tips on how to pass the SIA cabin crew interview

First Round of the SIA cabin crew interview

At the first round ( I call this the "killer" round) of the interview the candidates in groups of 10 will be asked to self-introduce themselves to a panel of interviewers. They may be asked a question like “Why do you think you can be a good cabin crew?” or “ What is your favorite movie and why?” or “Tell us a little about yourself or your current or previous job” is another popular question asked by the interviewers. Here, at the first round, the interviewers are looking for candidates who are confident, able to speak good English and more importantly pleasant as well groomed, suitably attired, interesting, humble, service oriented among other qualities. Try not to be long winded and do not take more than 2 minutes. If you pass the first round they will ask you to proceed to the second round. The average number of people who pass this round is around 3 to 4.